Book Review: Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins

There is nothing sweeter then diving into a new magical world filled with political intrigue and empowered female leaders! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different magic and falling in love with the enchanting women in Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins.

This book is set in a magical world where different tribes rule varied areas of an island. Many of the rulers, kings and queens, of these tribes are Norse-flavored polytheists. The first daughter we meet, Bluebell, is one such queen. Or rather she will be, provided she can keep her kingdom from falling to pieces after her father and the current king is elf-shot. Bluebell is a strong warrior who fights long and hard for her family and her people. It’s hard not fall in love with her strength and wit! She drives the story along and propels readers into this brilliant world.

I loved meeting the remaining four daughters as well. Rose is married to a neighboring kingdom and is stuck in a not so desirable marriage. Ash has profound magical gifts that we see grow and blossom throughout the story. Willow and Ivy are twins. Ivy is a bit boy hungry and desires her own political freedom. Willow has converted to the monotheist faith and listens to the voices of angels guiding her. Each sister has a unique perspective and their narratives are carried out with finesse and vivid detail.

This fantasy novel is sure to be a hit with you if you love fantasy worlds that have rich details and political intrigue. The Pagan vs. Monotheist plot is minor in many ways to the story about family and duty, but will be a pleasure for those who enjoyed Battlestar Galactica or similar plots.  I haven’t loved a fantasy world so much in months!

This book comes out on March 6, 2018. I was provided a free, advance reader copy by Absolutely Fiction Books in exchange for a honest review.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins

  1. Thank you, I really didn’t expect a review so fast but like that you did.

    I don’t remember mentioning but if any of the books are not something you want to keep in your personal collection feel free to pass them on, some get handed off to friends, placed in nursing homes or what ever. My favorites end up at Little Free Libraries in coffee shops, bistros or on lawns but you do what you will.

    I’m so glad you liked the Tree Spirit, he practically jumped in my hand when I went looking for a little gift to send. At OBOD Gulf Coast Gathering next month, they are suppose to have a selection of magical goodies, who knows what we may find there!

    If you or someone you know were to start a Little Free Library we would be glad to send a little stock supply of books to help. One friend lives in a very rural area where kids can still ride there bikes, she can’t keep enough young adult and children’s books.


    Jay & Becky

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    1. Haha, I really liked the book and was in desperate need of some Fantasy this weekend. Perfect time, perfect book! We have a ton of little free libraries; that is an excellent idea. I have handed it off to a friend who is a fast reader and wants to get into more Fantasy. She posts reviews a lot to GoodReads, so it seemed like a good option. I’ll get the hand written copy sent off to you soon 😀 Jealous you are going to the Gulf Coast Gathering. I’m still deciding if I can try making it to the Midwest one this year.


      1. Our monthly redbox should be here in a day or two hopefully there will be something in it that is a good fit. I got your card in the mail today, will reply soon. I’m going to try something different, I’m going to hand write my reply then type it so you can read it. LOL. Don’t know if we could make Midwest but if we like GC we could try.


    1. I got very, very lucky that the bookstore in Texas who I just started to do reviews for knew that I liked fantasy and had a copy. I’d send you mine, but I just handed it off to another friend. Next time!

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