Earworms: The 5 BEST Pagan Podcasts!

The last couple months have been filled with home renovations, pruning, trail clearing, and a whole host of other farm projects. My hands have been kept very busy! This has allowed me to finally get caught up with my favorite podcasts. I thought I’d share these with you in case you also have a million Springtime projects. Of course, you might also enjoy them should you want to learn about Druidry and the Craft through the alluring oral tradition (or as close as we come these days).

I do not waste my precious times with shitty media, though. I have some kinda intense requirements for my podcasts. Be assured that the ones I recommend are: between 30-60 minutes long usually, have awesome audio quality, content is consistent and interesting, and they teach me something new every time I listen.

  1. Druidcast

I bet you’re surprised! (haha who doesn’t love this one!) Druidcast by Damh the Bard is a superb listening experience filled with Pagan music, talks, stories, and Druid juiciness. We are so incredibly lucky to this gift produced each month. I think this is the level of quality all Pagan podcasts should be aiming for.

2. Story Archaeology Podcast

Ok, this one does not produce content as consistently as I prefer. But there is nothing else like this out there. The hosts take myths and legends from Wales, Ireland, and similar regions and share a modern translation to listeners. Then they take the time to talk about how the story was translated, modern context, and the messages in the story. These incredibly talented and smart lady hosts are my idols! lol If you want to learn more about the myths and legends supporting Celtic pagan traditions, this is the show to go back and listen to.

3. The Witch Wave

Pam produces a lovely podcast each week that sounds great and is full of interviews with the most magical of folks! Pam is a humble and witty host who is just as excited to talk with her guests and we are to listen to them. While there are only twelve episodes out so far, she already sounds like she’s been doing this for twelve years.

4. 3 Pagans and a Cat

Another new podcast, 3 Pagans and a Cat features three unique hosts on different Pagan paths. What I love about this podcast is that you are hearing from a family with different pasts and backgrounds. It’s hard to find so many interesting perspectives all in one place. One host can dominate the conversation a bit and the quality isn’t quite there yet, but every episode is better and better. I’m really excited to see where this podcast goes! They are doing an interesting series right now on Book of Shadows, too.

5. Down at the Crossroads

Music and interviews are sure to entertain you Down at the Crossroads. Besides loving the into to this podcast, I’ve really loved getting to listen to the different people the hosts talk to. The conversations can be a bit edgier on this podcast than some of the other recommendations. So, if you are looking for something that gives you the whole picture to magic and the occult, this is an excellent choice. My only complaint is that the episodes have gotten WAY too long. The show has stood of the test of time, though. I’m hopeful that small issue will work itself out.


Notable Mentions:

  1. Forest Spirituality
  2. Modern Witch
  3. So You Wanna Be a Witch
  4. The Permaculture Podcast


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