Political Magic: Power Found in Calendula, Hawthorn, Bee Balm

I had the pleasure of voting in my first election in the primary for the 2008 election. Surprise, surprise, I voted in the Democrat primary. There was no hesitation when I went off to college that fall that I would support with more than just my vote for Obama. I joined College Democrats in a state which bleed as red and Republican as was possible. Even their “liberal” politicians for local positions and Congress looked pretty darn conservative to my Wisconsin, progressive expectations. Still, it was thrilling to work with other young people in this organization to mobilize around politics and the candidates I hoped to see win 2008. I went to meetings, did phone banking, walked door to door, and talked my arse off about Obama and the Democrats. The night Obama won we had a huge watch party with the College Republicans and then went off to celebrate once it was announced Obama won. Campus was loud and crazy all night long. It was invigorating!

I’ve continued to work for different campaigns and elections as a volunteer. I’ve branched out into more policy issues and focused on my local area. The lessons I learned in college, especially seeing the Black communities of Omaha come out in amazing numbers and turn that district blue for Obama, were inspiring and humbling. No large scale change that I wanted to see happen could be done alone. Change would not come quickly. We’d all have to work hard, long hours to make even small things move the way we hoped to move things.

But I’m impatient. I want big change and I want it now. That is where the magic comes in for me.

My Druidry informs my ethics and beliefs. It encourages me to work for a better world and stronger community. It makes me want to support my neighbors and do something drastic about climate change. I can’t follow through on my beliefs without getting political. Magic helps me be a more effective political volunteer and gives me the courage to keep speaking out when I believe in a cause.

Let’s get into some examples of how I put this belief into practice!

Protests – Protesting for a cause we believe in is a great deal like attending a large group ritual. The signs, chants, and walking help join the group’s will into a single focus just like we do when attempting large magical rituals. I recommend finding a cause you believe in and attending a protest. Promise you’ll give ten minutes to feeling what the energy at an event like this is like. If you are looking for more ways to unite politics and magic together in a group setting, Starhawk has a ton of resources in her books and website.

Anointing oil – I use this when I register folks to vote. The herbs chosen help empower and sweeten my words. It has a light, flower scent that reminds me every time that I wear it of the making I am making.




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