To the New Chief, Eimear Burke

Obviously, most members of OBOD are aware that at the Summer Gathering Philip Carr-Gomm announced the that he would be transitioning the position of chosen Chief to Eimear Burke. I was surprised but excited about this announcement.

I’ve so treasured my time with the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. I am loathe to see it struggle and leadership changes are often where organizations struggle the most. It was refreshing to see such a transparent and early transition in leadership. So, this is my fond “welcome” to Eimear Burke in the new position of chosen Chief in training!

Dear Eimear Burke,

It is hard not to be transported to the ancient myths and legends that we so treasure in Druidry when I hear you speak or watch you on a video. It’s as if you can step right through the mists of time!  And yet, you are so clearly present in our modern world. Your videos on YouTube were some of the first videos I saw about Druidry. This balance is one that will serve you well, I’m sure, as the next chosen Chief of OBOD.

I was so thrilled to hear in your interview with Philip Carr-Gomm that you love the people of OBOD and that the order is not in need of fixing. These were the statements that made me hopeful for this transition and enriching of the leadership of OBOD would be a very positive thing. OBOD has always felt like a family to me, even though I have yet to travel to gatherings. The connections and friends I’ve met online through OBOD has been about weaving a web of deeper spiritual connections and understanding, just like a wonderful family. It appears that you understand that yourself.

I won’t lie, the fact that the next chosen chief is a woman is thrilling! Obviously, OBOD has long been empowering those of any gender. It’s still a very satisfying statement to see that our leaders can be of any gender. Philip Carr-Gomm has been an insightful and fantastic leader (his book was the first I found on Druidry!) but a woman he is not. 😉

May the next two years of transition and learning be a magical and welcoming experience! May you always remember the love and excitement that we share with you in your new role! May your years of leadership be filled with wisdom and peace!

Welcome to this new role as our chosen Chief, Eimear Burke! I look forward to the years ahead with you (and selfishly, more books from Philip).

Yours in the peace of the sacred grove,

Danni Lang

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