Book Review: Druid Magic by Maya Magee Sutton, PhD & Nicholas R Mann

Earlier this spring I started a video series on magic in Druidry. I wanted to also read and review some of the most popular books on the topic as well. Druid Magic was a title that had been on my TBR for a while. This seemed like a great reason to dive in!

Druid Magic is set up to help the solitary Druid dive into practicing Druidry and working with the magical elements found therein. Each chapter includes general information on the topic, personal stories from the authors, myth and legend retellings, and the essence of Druidry. At the end of each chapter readers get a huge mix of different practices to help take their knowledge into their practice through ritual, meditation, service, and creative endeavors.

I appreciate that the authors make the topics really interesting to read. At no point will you be bored (even if you’ve read a hundred of beginner Druidry books). The more mystical and gray topics of magical practice are explored. Readers are encouraged to fully embrace new ideas and new worlds.

For me, this wasn’t really the best fit. It didn’t seem to quite reflect the current space we find ourselves today or where Druidry is currently moving to. I think that the magician and fantastic Druid will really enjoy this book. That just isn’t where my practice is right now.

I can happily recommend this book as a library checkout. It’s just not an item that I think you need to purchase as a reference book or keeper.

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