Pagan Guided Meditations by Yucca Oldoitter

Meditation is such a common practice for Pagan these days. It can be a valuable tool for tapping into the season and the Earth. Yucca’s Pagan Guided Meditations is a straightforward and enjoyable read that will enhance your meditation practice and get you creating your own meditations perfect for you.

This short book is set up with meditations for each seasonal festival, the full moon, and the new moon. Each topic gets a brief introduction and then falls right into a well crafted and easy to follow meditation. I personally recorded each one and used them later as was useful. It worked wonderfully!

The final chapter is all about crafting your own meditation and integrating the practice into your own spiritual perspective. The language is inclusive and will really help people move from reading to practice to evolving!

2 thoughts on “Pagan Guided Meditations by Yucca Oldoitter

  1. I struggle with meditation generally, so maybe guided meditations might be a good way to go. When you recorded them, do you find that you can meditate to the sound of your own voice? I hate how I sound on tape, and may have to corral a friend into doing recordings of them.


    1. I have been able to meditate to my own voice, but I can see where having a friend record them would be good. lol I think I got over being weirded out by my own voice when I started editing videos. You listen over and over to the same sections. 😛

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