Garden Magic

We have passed Lughnasadh and well on our way to Mabon. The harvest season is upon us in the Northern hemisphere. Now is the time that I begin to think about garden magic, when the bounty of my garden is bursting and I worry there will never be enough jars for my pickles. The garden is a huge focus for me this time of year. I thought I’d share a bit of my spellcraft and magic for this season.

Compost – In the video I go on a very long tangent about how we do compost at our farm. What can I say? I love compost. Brad and I even got our Master Composter Certification and teach workshops at local community gardens. When it comes to the magic of compost, I use a charm each time I add to the compost pile. This happens when I add all the deep liter from the barn or the food scrapes from our kitchen. I suggest making your own phrase, enchantment, or charm to use each time you make your own additions to compost (city folk have you tried vermicomposting yet?). This brings magic to a mundane action and enchants your life!

Preserving – I have broken my fair share of jars while canning my harvests each year. I’m also hyper aware of food safety as I’m working on putting the harvest up. Now I do a OBOD Light-Body Exercise to help center me before starting my final steps, filling the jars, of water bath canning. I’m found I make fewer mistakes. There is also a great flow of the season that is easier to feel even as I’m frantically trying to finish my canning projects.

Seed Saving – Not always, but many years, I take time at the end of the season to do a protection ritual for the seeds I’ve saved. It’s pure magic to be able to collect the seeds of plants that year after year become better adapted to our landscape and care habits. I want to help keep that magic flowing! My ritual focuses on connecting to the Spirits of Place and the Elements. Of course, whatever details for your rituals can be used with this magical idea.

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