Book Review: Heartbeat of the Seasons – Earth Rituals for the Celtic Year by Kathleen Glennon

Sometimes our seasonal celebrations become stale. They no longer spark the joy and mystery that enlivens our practice. Heartbeat of the Seasons – Earth Rituals for the Celtic Year by Kathleen Glennon is a book that endeavors to bring that spark and connection back to our practices.

The book is set up with different rituals, stories, crafts, and ideas that follow the seasonal year starting at Samhain. It includes holidays and events outside of just the eight wheel of the year festivals. Saints days and other events are also included.

One of the best parts of this book is the included CD with ritual chants and music. To go along with the music is actual sheet music. Oh how I long for more Pagan books to include sheet music! This is a real treat that makes recreating the rituals easy and simple for yourself, even without a large group to help.

The biggest hurdle with this book will be the intense Christian elements. Saints, bible passages, the Abrahamic God, and more all can be found in the rituals laid out here. There is no ignoring these elements. A Pagan who does not find the Abrahamic God helpful to their practice will struggle using this book.

Ecumenical groups or the Christo-Pagans out there, however, will probably enjoy the mesh between nature based pagan elements and Christian themes.

I was not the audience for this book. I’ve “rehomed” this book with a Christo-Pagan whom I thought might find it inspiring and fun. No sense in keeping a book that doesn’t bring joy to my practice. I’m sure for the right person who falls in target audience this book would be a keeper.

One thought on “Book Review: Heartbeat of the Seasons – Earth Rituals for the Celtic Year by Kathleen Glennon

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I had seen this and thought it looked interesting, but I didn’t know it was Christo-pagan in theme. Coming from strict Catholicism, any biblical/Christian references are major trigger points for me, so I’m glad to know about this so I can avoid this one!


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