Fall Garden Planting

I’m a little late, but I planted a few things for my fall garden. I’ve still got some peppers, tomatoes, and herbs coming up. Those I’ve left in. The cucumbers I pulled out. The pickles are already put up for the year and fresh ones are still sitting on my kitchen table. The green beans were also pulled out as they were at the end of producing.  I’d be hard press to ever say that I had enough of those put up for the winter as Green Beans are one of my favorites. In their place I’ve planted some onions, swiss chard, beets, and bak choy. This year has been an interesting garden experiment due to the wet Spring and odd urban location of my garden. I’m sure the Fall Garden will continue to be just as exciting! Here’s hoping to a mild but long Autumn.

As I was working this morning, I couldn’t help but luxuriate in the sweet smells of Summer (there is so little Summer left!). It’s amazing to me that even in the downtown neighborhood of my city nature has a way of creeping in. It had rained last night leaving the soil perfectly moist and loamy. All morning the sky thundered and boomed about like it was going to storm while staying dry during my garden adventures. Of course, it rained lightly right after I finished my planting. I couldn’t have asked for a better morning to enjoy the garden!

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