Ovate Journey Begins!

Spring is finally here. The community gardens I work in are just about to open, meaning my work as a leader there will get a little more regular and less intense. My 8-5 “regular” job of working in a library will also begin to smooth out now that we have finished with yearly reviews, budget plans, and flush of new updates. The end of Winter, what I lovingly refer to as Mud Season, is an intense constriction of time and energy. It’s as if I am a bulb pushing my way out to bloom.

It’s only fitting then that right as Spring is fully present in the outer world and my inner world that my first Ovate package from OBOD arrives. I’m so very excited to dive into the material of this grade. I hope to deepen my practice and strengthen my voice. I hope to share more about my path and journey on youtube and here. I also hope to reach out to more Druids and help build that community online. We have some extraordinary blogs on Druidry. We are also beginning to see more and more Druid voices on other platforms like youtube and instagram. I believe that Druidry has a lot to offer the world when it comes to peace, justice, and understanding. Connection to each other online will only serve to help us share those values even more easily to those searching  for touchstones of sanity in a world filled with quickening climate change, political upheaval, and social change.

So, wish me luck on this next part of my journey, please. I think it’s going to be a fabulous one!

5 thoughts on “Ovate Journey Begins!

  1. Congratulations, and good luck in the Ovate grove! I’ve just finished my ADF Dedicant Path and am re-starting the OBOD Bardic course again. Must be something about the spring that lends itself to new projects!


  2. How did you decide to do the OBOD course instead of the ADF desiccant reading? I don’t know enough about either to make an informed decision, but am working on reading the ADF materials.

    I like your blog- interesting content!


    1. Thanks! I decided to work with OBOD instead of ADF because I loved Philip Carr-Gomm writings (He is the cheif Druid of OBOD). OBOD also seemed to be a looser organization with fewer hoops to work through. I like structure, but not quite all the structure I saw in ADF. If you are interested in ADF, you might find John the Verbose on youtube to be an excellent resource. I think that ADF and OBOD have more similarities than differences. I know many Druids end up working with both at one point or another.


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