Cultivating Nwyfre

Nwyfre is a magical term used by Druid’s to describe the “life force” or energy we find in the world around us. It’s common to begin to explore this energy first in our own bodies. Iolo Morganwg first popularized its use, but now it can be applied to many magical arts.

When I first encountered the phrase, it wasn’t a word I was familiar with. The actual energy and practice of tuning in, growing, storing it wasn’t new. My daily practice has long included yoga and breath work (lovely ways to begin to develop Nwyfre). Druidry treats the interaction with this life force in a somewhat different way, though. that exploration was a interesting one for me. What have your experiences with Nwyfre been like?

What I discovered was that the exploration of Nwyfre through the lens of Druidry had a direct affect on the magic I was working. The energy built and moved in magic had a different flavor while I was directly exploring Nwyfre. So, I wanted to introduce this idea before I started my video project for the Spring.

Coming in the next week, I will be writing blogs and creating videos for a series on Magic in Druidry. There will be an introduction and then topics for different types of Magic. I hope to join the conversation about using magic ethically and well in our modern world. Druidry has a beautiful, balanced approach to Magic which can bring so much to the discussion and practices we all have.


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