Magic in Druidry

We’re changing the world, those of us who are Druids, Witches, Magicians, Sorcerers. We practice magic to make changes all around us. The wonder and awe associated with a good magical working comes from knowing that an individual was empowered enough to not only want change in their life but to see that change come to fruition. The change that we bring into the world through magic is a beautiful, crazy thing.  In the next few series of posts and videos I want to dive deeper into the relationship between Druidry and that amazing rush we call magic.

Disclaimer: Of course, not all Druids include magic in their practices. It’s not necessary to practice magic to be a Pagan, Druid, Witch, ect., ect.. Maybe you call it magic, magick, the craft, a working, a spell, or manifestation. Your magic might look and feel very differently than mine. That’s cool. Magic is an individualized craft. We can learn from each other while still remaining independent.

I practice magic because I am not content to let my life remain static. In fact, I am only satisfied when I am using all the tools at my disposal to create a life and world that is vibrant and fulfilling. It’s an art that has given me more confidence in my abilities and power as an individual. It’s a science that I use to better understand the laws of the Universe. It’s a divine act that spills the Goddess and I together for one incomprehensible second.

Sometimes the magic that I use is small and simple. The folk magic that surrounds where I plant things in my garden is just as powerful as something that comes out of high ritual. The healing tea I make when someone I love is ill connects me to the energies of the universe closely tied to life and death. Magic surrounding words and sounds are used in my daily ritual to better help me stay rooted and connected. These spells feel soft and comforting. You know the outcome and see it happen quickly.

Three to seven times I year, though, I go all out. I plan an elaborate ritual and make/purchase specific supplies for a detailed spell. I will mark on my calendar the most auspicious of days for my magic. The ritual will build energy and focus my will into a single, carefully crafted outcome. Then I will wait a day or month or year until this huge push of magical energy comes barreling into town with the changes I requested. This is where the Universe dares me by saying, “Oh yeah? You sure you wanted THIS?”. I have to respond with, “Yes” and see where it all takes me.

My understanding of Druidry means that my magical workings use mostly symbols found in the natural world. I call upon the spirits of place, ancestors, or the Goddess to help me see my will done. The power of myth guides me in making my magic more balanced. A spell is like telling a good story to yourself, one that must inspire you into taking the mundane actions you need to make outside of the magic. Mostly, it means that I am approaching each magical act with awareness to the natural cycles of life/death and a keen curiosity at how each action I take will be received.  There is wisdom to be had in each success and failure.

In the following posts I’m going to be covering specific types of magic. Each post/video will include a folk/everyday type of spell and a large/ritual based examples. I hope that these topics will help empower others to use magic in their practices. We talk about magic and witches so frequently, but sometimes leave out the viewpoints of Druids or other magical practitioners. Let’s change that. Where do you see magic in your practice, if at all?



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