Healing Magic

I could not tell you how many nights we received a phone call that my older sister was back in the hospital while I was growing up.  Some nights the call would come from an ER nurse at 2AM. There were afternoons when my sister herself would call as she was being loaded into an ambulance. My sister had a rare disease called FOP. It’s where muscles and ligaments turn to bone. While it wasn’t the sole reason for the hospital visit, it was the reason that simple falls and other issues could quickly escalate to an ER visit. FOP was also at the root of every magical wish I would make as a child. I suppose that desire for healing and amazing cure-alls is still with me as an adult.

At the root of magic for me is the pursuit of healing. Magic can assist us in empowering, protecting, and challenging ourselves. It is our ability to recognize situations that need changing that can lead to the first nuggets of healing in our lives. It is the chance for us to express our empathetic abilities for healing those around us. It is the moment we reach out to heal the largest the environmental and political problems in our world.

Before we dive into the hows of healing magic, I want to stress that healing comes in many forms. Including, the medicine and guidance of health care professionals. You should consult or work with your doctor, midwife, mental health professional, herbalist, whomever is on your health team before attempting drastic healing magic. Be very careful using herbs or plants that you are new to. Use your head! Magic is often about symbols and energy, its not always clear about what is safe to ingest or use topically.

One of the rituals my sister loved to preform was a healing bath to remove pain. Give yourself plenty of quite and time to relax into the moment. A hot bath with Epson salt and scented candles will help your muscles and body let go of tension. This can aid in pain relief. Use a stone as a focus to push all of your pain into. Keep it at your feet in the tub during the bath. As you drain the tub, visualize your pain washing away. Finish the ritual with soothing lotion all over your body. A long, deep sleep is the final touch to helping you find peace.

Healing Pain Ritual Spell Card

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