Wheel of the Year Book Tag

I don’t do video tag things very often, but this seemed like too much fun to pass up. I love when others combine booktube with Pagan things. We are a minority of the already minority Pagan Youtubers. Gotta love when someone creates something that brings us all together, small though mighty we are! The original video was done by Crescent Moon

1.Imbolc: What new-to-you book series are you anxious to start?

I’m going to go Non-Fiction with this question. It’s not a series, but I’m excited to read Birch, Oak, and Yew by Penny Billington. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a few years. I’ve paged through it but just never found the time to read it start to finish. Penny is a wonderful author and her work on Druidry is some of the best out there

2.Ostara: Name a book with a happy ending!

A book tag wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the best Fiction/Pagan titles out there, The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk. Especially as we work through these trying political times, The Fifth Sacred Thing can inspire us to find our own spiritual and political happy endings without the delusion of it happening easily. Happy endings take work, but they are so worth it!

3.Beltane: Name your favorite passionate couple (canon or not).

Leah and Anatole from Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite couples. I love the way they come together in a haze of family chaos and illness. Over next sections of the novel you see how their relationship adapts and changes as their lives in the Congo change. It feels so authentic in both the passion and heartache.

4.Litha: What book or character makes you feel most ready to party?!

Celtic Magic by Kristopher Hughes was a book that made me feel so excited and empowered in my magical practice. It’s a excellent book when you are looking to get your hands dirty in the the muck and fun of a magical practice.

5.Lammas: What tasty treat in a book would you love to be able to pull from the pages to eat?

The Independent Farmstead is a great read focusing on small permaculture/homestead properties. I love the section that they have on using dairy surplus around the farm. It made me super hungry for some cheese, crackers, and wine!

6.Mabon: What is a project you are proud of that you have recently made progress in?

I’m cheating on this one. My very own Book of Awen. It recently died. The homemade binding I made just completely fell a part one day after ritual in the woods (not the first trek to the woods!). I sent it off to Grimm Bindery to be rebound. I’m having to recreate most of the pages I’d already done because of issues with the margin. However, there is still a lot of great magic in the works. I’m excited with how the project is turning out.

7.Samhain: Name a book that represented your ethnic heritage, or if you have not read one yet, say what ethnic ancestry you’d like to see in a book!

Anam Cara by John O’Donohue is one of my favorite books. It feels like the epitome of Celtic writing. Nothing makes me feel more transported and connected to my ancestors than reading his work.

8.Yule: What book dealt with a very heavy topic, but ultimately relayed a message of hope?

Stop Pretending by Sonya Sones is a Young Adult novel of poetry. The narrator is the younger sister of someone who goes “crazy”. You get to read about mental illness and the related struggles of the older sister and the rest of the family. Ultimately, it’s about the bond of sisterhood. One of my favorite reads!

I am tagging CuteWitch722 and CupcakesAndMachetes and Katey Flowers. Of course, everyone who would enjoy doing the tag should do it, too!

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